Our cyc measures 24′ x 30′ and comes complete with full grid lighting in a tungsten or flourescent package. We’ve hosted everything from X-Games shows to behind-the-scenes music videos with abundant space for video villiage, hair and makeup, & craft service. And did we mention our patio?

Central Denver Location

Whisper-Quiet Location

Grid Lighting


We love food, those who make it, and especially eating it! Our kitchen set is complete with double oven, forward-facing gas range, refrigerator, a host of appliances & tools, dishware and cutlery. Everything you need to get cooking!

Forward-facing gas range

Generous island for prep and cooking

Ample room for food styling


Our reclaimed wood walls, television, and circular couch make for a unique and comfortable set for chatting with guests or leading discussions for all kinds of interview-based shows and Vlogs.

Single couch seating for six

Unique curve for great B & C cam coverage

Room for live audience


With stadium seating for 25, our HD screening lounge with rumbling bass and clear trebles is perfect your investor pitches, dailies, or client reviews. We’ve even got a popcorn maker, just ‘cuz.

Full HD projection to 14′ screen

5.1 Digital Surround Sound

Seating for 25


Why schlep gear? We have a la carte lighting, grip, and specialized equipment to get the shot. Whether in our studio or on location, we can provide you with the tools you need to exercise your craft.

C-Stands, Stingers, Sandbags & Apples FREE with space rental.

Jibs, dollies and all that stuff it sucks to move.

on-set monitors to fog machines.

5-Ton Grip Truck











Day Rates based on 10-Hour days, additional hours billed accordingly.  Weekly rate based on 6 consecutive days.


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