Studio COVID-19 Safety Policies

Following State of Colorado and City of Denver Executive Orders, each renter, visitor, crew, talent or other human MUST abide by the following conditions:

1. Wear a mask at all times. Wash hands frequently.
2. Assent to a temperature reading when asked to provide one. If you have a temperature you will be asked to leave immediately.
3. Provide a list of all persons attending a session to the Guest List Google Sheet provided for that purpose.
4. Abide by the social distancing measurement guidelines of six feet between masked persons at all times.
5. Talent may remove mask for makeup application/rehearsal/takes. Masks must be worn by talent when not on set or in the makeup chair.
6. Whenever possible, makeup application should be done by the talent themselves, with their personal kit and brushes. Consider using new and disposable brushes. Surfaces used must be wiped down between each talent, including mirror.
7. Directors chairs are not available for use. Plastic only!
8. All masked persons must remain 25 feet away from an unmasked performer with the exception of a camera operator who must maintain a distance of 6 feet at all times.
9. DP’s must clean camera before shooting or be using their own camera and camera gear.
10. Productions must conform to ‘least-necessary’ principle: Only crew members occupying a critical task on the production are allowed in the studio. No visitors except client/agency and then only as necessary. Consider a remote feed.
11. Free cancellations are allowed for renters who must cancel due to a potential or determined risk of COVID spread.
12. Craft Service is not allowed.
13. Individually packaged meals and beverages only.
14. 10 persons max + the facilities manager are allowed in the studio/cyc area. Social distancing measures must be practiced at all times.
15. Use external areas (patio) for staging, meetings, lunch, and other supporting functions whenever possible.
16. Define areas of function in stage area so persons may maintain social distancing requirements. For example: allocate a specifc area for sound, camera, HMU. These areas are then off-limits to other crew members.
17. Assign all grip duties to specific individual(s) to avoid cross-contamination.
18. No physical contact between actors is allowed, a distance of 25′ must remain between two unmasked talent in studio.
19. Management reserves the right to deny studio access to renter, renter’s crew, talent, or guests at their sole discretion should person present as symptomatic or in default of these requirements.
20. You shall freely and honestly divulge the following information to management:
Your name, phone number, whether you have been outside the Denver-Metro
area in the last six weeks. Whether you have practiced safe social distancing and
masking in public. Whether anyone in your household was or is currently
Failure to provide or honestly answer these questions may result in civil charges against you!

21. Any person may utilize their stop-work authority should they feel that safety issues are compromised, there shall be no repercussions for such action.

22. All Federal, State, County, and City Ordinances regarding COVID and filming in-studio shall be followed. Ignorance of current and/or changing regulations shall not constitute a defense. Renter assumes liability for any breach of said policies.